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Dogecoin is a valuable new coin today, this article will guide you to make money online free from crashes with Cointellect program, you will receive Dogecoin and can be converted into other currencies such as Bitcoin, USD.

Briefly about Dogecoin: created by programmer and former IBM engineer Markus Billy in Portland, Oregon. Initially he is experimenting with a digital currency other his own called “Bells” is based on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. He expects digital currency will reach the other user groups outside investors that have created the Bitcoin economy and not stick to the historical controversy Bitcoin“. Dodge coin is the second coin that have the success and have a good value compare to Bitcoin

Instruction steps to make money with Dogecoin software such as cointellect:
Step 1: You click here to go to the registration page:

Doge coin

Doge coin

Fill out the information in the section Sign up include user names, passwords, email

dogecoin-2Enter invitation code: adbcd340 (Note: You must have an invitation code to join so please support me by enter my code)

Step 2: Check the email to activate your account

dogecoin-3Step 3: Download and install the software

Each account has a Miner licenseyou need to enter this key when running the software, each machine is used only one account can be used on a PC or VPS. You run the software interface as follows


In the Mining loads you should leave the smallest mode min = 20% to avoid heavy machinery.As you can see, in the picture above, my cpu is 25% and i earn around 0.15 Euro everyday
To withdraw, then you should have about 650 doge (live balance > 0.1 euro).Go to Collect next to balance, select withdrawn by doge, filled (withdrawal can sign up for the doge https: // or, the amount to withdraw. Once you have money in one of these two exchanges, you can change the Doge to Bitcoin or dollars at the exchange rate corresponds. If you want early withdrawal to bank accounts you can withdraw using Paypal too

cl2Rate 1 Doge = 39 satoshi today. (= 0.00000039 BTC)
Some programs have warned that contains software viruses but you can rest assured because this does not have any dangerous information, I will update the latest information for you if anything goes wrong

dogecoin-4Thank you and hope you can earn some easy money with this software

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Bitcoin online digging using your browser

Digging Bitcoin (Bitcoin mining) work is not for personal computers because of the difficulty of growing algorithm in Bitcoin, you can take all day without a block at all. But there is a service that allows users to dig Bitcoin is simple without all the terrible hardware, no software installation required. All you need is an internet connection and a common browser (Like Firefox, Chrome, IE …)

Bitcoinplus let's you participate dig Bitcoin using your browser

Bitcoinplus let’s you participate dig Bitcoin using your browser

How it works

Bitcoinplus allow people to participate in a training Bitcoin software running on the Java platform is embedded into the browser (Java applet). When using Bitcoinplus, you will join the Bitcoin network training and receive a portion of the website is the Bitcoin block.

Bitcoinplus advantage of the simple interface, friendly, does not need skills to use the software or join the Bitcoin network training (also called Bitcoin pool). Bitcoin is the amount of training on site in each unit of time is not much (about 0,3uBTC / day) but in return you can make use of old computer with low configuration to dig Bitcoin, or open multiple tabs in a browser training more threads.

Guide to use Bitcoinplus




First you visit the homepage Although you may not need a digging Bitcoin account, but you should register an account to track your income. Please click on the Sign up button, fill out the information before you start.

All training conducted online Bitcoin, you select “Generate Bitcoinson the website menu. Here appears the program window.

Note: To run the Bitcoin online learning applications, your computer needs Java Runtime Environment installed the newest version. If you don’t have Java installed, please download and run it.

Now dig Bitcoin works is quite simple, you just need to click on “Start GeneratingBitcoin training process will be done automatically. This window also gives you information about the speed, volume Bitcoin earned, the average time When you want to pause, press the button Stop Generating“.

Bitcoinplus also offers other attractive features such as “thanks” training to help others. Under Generate Bitcoins, the site will give you a path like You just need to send this link to your friends and they can help you with digging Bitcoin, Bitcoin earn from your friend will be transferred into your account.

You can also embed Bitcoin training tool to your website for visitors to dig for your Bitcoin. But this stuff does not really work because the access is not always available to install Java for their computer when surfing the Web.

Advice from IUKB

- Bitcoinplus is not an ideal way to get rich by Bitcoin, you should use Bitcoinplus to take old computers, or idle time of the computer. Regarding income, Bitcoinplus like the service crashes, make money surfing other advantages it is automatic, no need to track or enter the captcha and most importantly, you get paid in Bitcoin.
- If you have friends, send them the link and tell them to help you dig more bitcoin, it’s good if you have multiple computers and training.- Consider carefully when put Bitcoin hidden code embedded in your website to let your visitor help you dig more Bitcoin, it can help you have an extra amount of Bitcoins, but also will cause discomfort to the user.
- IUKB have tested and found that the CPU of the computer will operate pretty much lower as you dig through Bitcoinplus. Although they said it won’t give you any trouble to your computer. Its still make the computer sometime freeze so use with caution

- If your computer strong, you can open multiple tabs or multiple browsers to optimize the amount of Bitcoin.

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